How It Works

You can’t have a healthy Prostate without a healthy Bladder and Colon TOO!


Your prostate, bladder and colon all live in the same “house”. These organs reside closely together and when one is inflamed or enlarged, all are affected. Prostate Relief attacks inflammation and addresses enhanced function in all three organs – “The Trilogy” – thereby dramatically improving prostate health and reducing the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

PROSTATE RELIEF’s unique formulation addresses your bladder, your colon and your prostate. Relief is quick and lasting because as your organs begin to function better and as inflammation disappears you get LASTING RELIEF.

PROSTATE RELIEF is a trilogy of treatments for a TRILOGY of organs.

Basic Usage

  • One dosage in the morning
  • One dosage in the evening

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Our Trilogy Of Prostate Relief


Prostate Relief “MORNING” begins your day by supporting a healthy colon with probiotics, enhancing bladder function with proven herbs, and improving prostate function with targeted supplements, herbs and plant derivatives, while reducing swelling and inflammation in all three organs.

Take 3 capsules each morning, either all at once or spread out over your morning routine. (Taking less than 3 capsules per day will significantly reduce results)


Prostate Relief “EVENING” is the second wave of response to creating a healthy environment for your prostate. Prostate Relief “EVENING” focuses specific supplements, vitamins and herbs that work toward reducing swelling, inflammation and even expelling bacteria from the bladder supporting prostate function and reducing discomfort in the urinary tract.

Take 3 capsules in the evening, either all at once or spread out over your late afternoon and early evening. (Taking less than 3 capsules per day will significantly reduce results)


Prostate Relief “BEDTIME” is specifically targeted to those with occasional constipation, hemorrhoids, colitis, frequent gas, or any symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, all of which have an impact on your prostate. The special formula is not addictive and will get your colon back on track. You will begin to experience predictable elimination each morning and over time you will clean out your colon and create a healthy environment where gas, constipation and even hemorrhoids will ease or even disappear. Inflammation will be reduced or even eliminated and the effects – your formerly malfunctioning colon had on your prostate – will be gone. NOTE: If you have daily, predictable bowel movements, at least once a day (twice is better), you may not need to use Prostate Relief “BEDTIME”, but we recommend you try it at least for a few days, since this will help to clean out plaque from your colon.

Take 3 capsules at night when you go to bed. Depending on your results, you may increase the dosage up to 5 capsules per day. Experiment over several days to find the best dosage for you.

GAS – If you experience gas during the day, you may take one “BEDTIME” capsule for immediate relief. Reduce your bedtime dosage accordingly.